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3LBE v1

Three-lobed Burning Eye
Annual - Vol. I

Edited by Andrew S. Fuller


Fiction anthology
176 pages, B&W or Color
5½ x 8½"
Trade paperback


Out of print

Limited color and B&W editions were printed only in the quantity pre-ordered by Sept. 20, 2002.

Collected edition of Three-lobed Burning Eye speculative fiction magazine, issues #1–4, originally published online April. 1999 – Jan. 2000 at 3lobedmag.com.

Table of Contents

"These Stand for Me" by Gary W. Conner
"The Belly of the Night" by John Craig
"Toyland" by H. Turnip Smith
"Tuesdays After Midnight" by Corrine De Winter
"The Stinking Creep" by Michael Christie
"A Room of Incense" by Brett Savory & Daniel Parker Lee
"The Madwoman" by Michael S. Dodd
"Bogeyman, Pt. II" by R. David Fulcher
"The Kartoupelos" by Lester Thees
"Dark House Lane" by DF Lewis
"Papers from a Deserted House" by Markus Harmon
"Simulacrum" by Tim Waggoner
"The Silence" by Christopher Hivner
"The Burrower From the Bluff" by Beecher Smith

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Joachim Luetke
Andrew Shorrock
Rew X

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