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3LBE vol IV cover

Three-lobed Burning Eye
Annual - vol. IV

Edited by Andrew S. Fuller


Fiction anthology
180 pages, B&W or Color
5½ x 8½"
Trade paperback



Limited editions were printed only in the quantity pre-ordered by October 2009. A few copies of B&W and color editions remain.

Collected edition of Three-lobed Burning Eye speculative fiction magazine, issues #13–15, originally published online July 2003 – July 2004 at 3lobedmag.com.


Table of Contents

"Oddities" by April French
"Peter, Peter" by Dru Pagliassotti
"Abilene" by Dorothea Duenow
"The Felon" by Woody Carsky-Wilson
"Reflecting House" by Samuel Minier
"Demon Seed" by Kevin Oatley
"There Are Kittens Better Than These" by Simon Owens
"Mascots and Martyrs" by Jai Clare
"Of Cog and Feather" by Darja Malcolm-Clarke
"Zombie" by Edward C. Lynskey
"Feast of the Ixiptla" by Cody Goodfellow
"The Rubee" by Laura Cooney
"Isabelle "by Brenden Haukos
"Ten-foot Two, Eyes of Blue" by Clay Waters

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